Install the plugin (Ecommerce and Beställningar) and then the database


Visit shipping page in CT and press create new shipping.

  1. Choose shipping country
  2. Write shipping country name
  3. Choose if shipping country should be enabled
  4. Add shipping methods (build shipping algorithm)
  5. Write shipping method namn (example: DHL Home delivery)
  6. Write a small shipping description
  7. Allways show in true: If ckecked then the shipping algorithm will only validate within it self and not auto go to next method, will also skip key and store validation.
  8. Key: Will validate produkt if has key as shipping method.
  9. Skip key validation: Will skip key validation (this makes this method algorithm auto and not choosable)
  10. Store: Method will be shown if store is check in product DB table
  11. Shpping data: Create the algorithm

Zones (Sweden only)

Zip zones in sweden